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The large chamber of the federal parliament approved today Tuesday the request of its health commission to allow the medical prescription of cannabis without exceptional permission. In the future, patients will be able to use the medical effect of hemp products without unnecessary administrative hurdles.

The Council rejected three minority motions. One from the SVP Group who wanted to prohibit doctors from prescribing cannabis for smoking. A second application from the same corner wanted to require patients to carry their prescription. The third motion came from the ranks of the Greens. He wanted to anchor the cultivation of cannabis at home as a possibility.

IG Hemp and the association MEDCAN had pointed out in advance that the SVP application for the ban on smoking should be rejected, since smoking cannabis yields the best results for certain diseases. The Council has refrained from intervening with the prescription freedom of doctors. On the other hand, IG Hemp would have welcomed the possibility of self-cultivation. This in order to offer chronically ill people with limited financial resources an opportunity to legally alleviate their symptoms. For the time being, cannabis medicines must be paid for by patients themselves.

IG Hemp expressly welcomes the amendment to the law and sees it as an important step for a more sensible handling of the hemp plant and its manifold benefits.

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